The fact that they have it out for Planned Parenthood. In my late teens and early twenties, I didn’t have health insurance. I don’t know what I would have done if not for programs like Planned Parenthood. That was where I was able to get my check ups, birth control, all of that.
Dalilah with daughter Dahlia


The ultimate woman is Mother Nature and she is in grave danger. The threats to the EPA, to the Paris Accord, to climate issues is utterly terrifying. We have come too far to go back now – Susan


I am marching for the freedom to be me. ME. And that means whoever I want to be. The way I want to speak. The way I want to look. The way I want to love. I need that freedom to be me. And I think that every person should have the same freedom.  – Judi D., PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence, Patient of Honor

“The outcome of this election has changed me. I’m 58 years old and it has made me into an activist. It’s something that I’m now spending an hour or two on every day and I’m committed to keep doing it because I’m very concerned.”

— Paul


“I’m one of those Millennials who went out and got an IUD in November because I was so scared. That was a big deal for me and I was changing my personal regimen purely because of the political climate.”

— Hannah


The day that Donald Trump takes office, I believe it’s going to give license to a people who harbor racist and sexist beliefs to come out of the closet and implement their destructive ideas. I’m really afraid of what may unfold. – Kathy

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