The Basics of Penis Extenders

Penile extenders are a major health tool that can be used by gay and trans men that are rarely if ever talked about by the progressive community.

There are many things that are left up to the homosexual to figure out, and with almost 7 years of extending penises with the gay community, they have discovered that there are tons of benefits for gay men.

How to Use a Penis Extender (for Gays)

One must understand the major points on how to use a penis extender to get on the right track towards size gains. Our article clarifies all of the mysteries of how to use penis extender.

various penis extenders
Various Penis Extenders

The Glans Swell Maximizes the Manhood of Transexuals

We found out there is a particular phenomenon that can occur while wearing a penis extender called a “glans-swell”. It is now believed by many in the gay community that the glans-swell helps to optimize penis shaft girth gains while utilizing a penis extender.

How Gay Men Can Use a Routine for their Penis Extender

This section of the penis extender tutorial explains the necessity of sticking to a penis extender routine that will fit into your gay lifestyle. All gay men must understand that you should track your extender sessions and gains with a written calendar, as well as note the best ways to incorporate using a stretching tool with penis stretching exercises.

Penis Extender Buying Tips – Where to Buy the Best Ones for Penis Enlargement

There are a great number of options when it comes to purchasing a penis extender product. You have to make the best decision when purchasing a penis extender. In order to do so, check out these fantastic resources and products on penis enlargement. Don’t be afraid that there are so many different types, prices, and brands of penile extenders.

Differences Between Noose and Clamp Penis Extender Products

Our report discusses the 2 most common securing mechanisms which our resident gay editor, Balek Salsito, has investigated and used on his own cock to gain even more length with his penis extender.

Understanding How to Maximize Your Penis Size with a Stretcher, Safely

Understanding gains made with a penis stretcher can sometimes be exciting because the growth in your overall length is usually less than the length than when you first started.

The best thing to do is to start off slowly and safely so that you don’t injure yourself. Making sure you purchase the right penis extender product is also key to making sure you don’t regret your purchase. After all, you have to use it for 3 months!